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Fast Food Chains...

Fun Fact: I really don’t like KFC.

It is a very nice thing to inform someone if you do not have enough of something they are expecting to receive. In fact, I would love it if you told me that. I would have gotten something else or another side or anything really.

I don’t know though. I didn’t get the option. Instead of all of that widely accepted, kind mumbo-jumbo, you tell me nothing. So, I’m hungry on my way home from work and buying various necessities, I come to your store to order food because I’m lazy, and I didn’t feel like cooking a meal. I ordered the nifty 5 buck box thing. Yay! Food that comes with a cookie! Sounds great. So, cute, hungry me decides to open said box to eat it only to discover a missing drumstick. So I go in and tell whoever that it’s missing(I paid five bucks for this), and I want another or something else. I didn’t care. You gave me six wings. Rock on.

So, why am I disliking KFC? Instead of informing me of the missing food item, you said nothing(ten bucks says you were hoping I wouldn’t notice). Fine, whatever. I don’t care. But, to have your kitchen staff repeatedly tell me what I already know? A bit annoying, but fine. But then when you can’t decide what to give me in it’s place(which is fine, I mean, being a cahsier you want please everyone and don’t want to make a mistake), you have your staff yelling things like: “Tell her we don’t have any chicken!” Tell her we are out of all of the chicken!” “We are out of drumsticks and original chicken!” …( Dude, I see the oven things full of chicken. I’m not that dumb. I promise.)

…awkward, maybe?
But, thanks for the six wings. I really do enjoy wings and soupy gravy potato stuff.

(This fun fact has been brought to you by Nikki Babb. She is in no way affiliated with KFC or it’s wait staff or kitchen staff and is thrilled she is NOT part of such a… team. Enjoy your evening and be wary of KFC.)