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Just another thing I wrote

"Do you know what the hardest part about writing a story is, my dear friend? It has not a thing to do with the plot, the idea, the setting or even the story it's self. In my opinion, the hardest thing about writing a story is just writing it down on paper or typing it. In all reality writing things down isn't all that hard; it is really quite simple.

When it really comes down to it, when you are about to write it, you will come up with every excuse to not write it. Now, tell me, why would you not do one of the simplest things? You have done all of the hard things, but when the easy things come up, you just give up.

And in my opinion, if you cannot muster enough strength to write down a sentence or two, you must not be able to do much of anything. What is life if you cannot do anything? Something dreadful and very depressing, who would want that, too shameful to bear alone…,you should want your life to be a journey, no matter how terrible it may get."