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A Letter to a Friend

Dear people who never gave up on me or forgot about me; this is to those who loved me and cared for me when no one else wanted to,

I love your belief in God.
Not because it matches mine.

But, because it makes you even more lovely to me.
To see your shinning face causes me to smile no matter how I am feeling.
Yep, you're pretty amazing.

You are like a dream that I have always wanted but never got the chance to have.
Something so great and wonderful that I get confused about how we ever became friends.
Not that I would ever want it any other way.

(God loves to surprise me. Well, consider me surprised.
Unless you could find a better word for how I feel as of late.)

I want to wrap my prayers around you. That way you can understand how you have helped me change from the person I was. (Bringing me to God was one crazy feat. I'm sure you can remember those days.)

If you asked me to, I would dream all of your fears and nightmares away.

In faith, I will forever be your dream catcher and nightmare chaser

In your dreams, I will always wish away all of your worries and fears.

In love, I will have my prayers be a blanket for you, so that you will never feel alone again. I would hate for you to ever feel that way.
Some one so wonderful should never feel such a thing.

To get the chance of meeting you was the greatest gift God could have given me. I thank Him every night for getting the pleasure to meet you and even become your friend (even though I could never have before dreamed of meeting a person such as you).

Always remember, that no matter what happens in life, you have two people rooting for you (Jesus and I). There isn't much you could do to change that. And even then, I doubt it would change a thing.

Thank you ever so much coming into my life. 3

With love,

Nicolette Babb

P.S. Read this whenever you're down. I hope that it will bring a smile too your face.