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Oct. 2nd, 2014

Sometimes I Don't Like My Work Place....:/

Fun Fact: Sexual Harassment is defined as harassment in a workplace, or other professional or social situation, involving the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks.

Thus meaning that you telling me your unwanted lewd jokes, comments, disgusting anecdotes about your day-to-day encounters with the opposite sex, and making equally and awkward, lewd gestures, means you fall under this category (especially if I asked you countless times to stop).

Inappropriate comments about various parts of my body is not a compliment. Saying things you would like to do with me is not a compliment. Hey sexy is not a compliment. Cat calling is not a compliment. I REPEAT these are NOT complements. I can understand why you might want to say these things to adorable, kind, lovely, and overall fantastic ladies, but DON’T. IT IS NOT A COMPLIMENT.

Now, if you wanted to tell me I was nice, cute, beautiful, pretty …etc, that would be fantastic. That would be a compliment, and it would make my day.

(This fun fact was brought to you by Girlinblue24 aka Nikki. This is a day-to-day snippet of her life as a public service worker. Enjoy your day and may this fun fact help you in someway.)

Fast Food Chains...

Fun Fact: I really don’t like KFC.

It is a very nice thing to inform someone if you do not have enough of something they are expecting to receive. In fact, I would love it if you told me that. I would have gotten something else or another side or anything really.

I don’t know though. I didn’t get the option. Instead of all of that widely accepted, kind mumbo-jumbo, you tell me nothing. So, I’m hungry on my way home from work and buying various necessities, I come to your store to order food because I’m lazy, and I didn’t feel like cooking a meal. I ordered the nifty 5 buck box thing. Yay! Food that comes with a cookie! Sounds great. So, cute, hungry me decides to open said box to eat it only to discover a missing drumstick. So I go in and tell whoever that it’s missing(I paid five bucks for this), and I want another or something else. I didn’t care. You gave me six wings. Rock on.

So, why am I disliking KFC? Instead of informing me of the missing food item, you said nothing(ten bucks says you were hoping I wouldn’t notice). Fine, whatever. I don’t care. But, to have your kitchen staff repeatedly tell me what I already know? A bit annoying, but fine. But then when you can’t decide what to give me in it’s place(which is fine, I mean, being a cahsier you want please everyone and don’t want to make a mistake), you have your staff yelling things like: “Tell her we don’t have any chicken!” Tell her we are out of all of the chicken!” “We are out of drumsticks and original chicken!” …( Dude, I see the oven things full of chicken. I’m not that dumb. I promise.)

…awkward, maybe?
But, thanks for the six wings. I really do enjoy wings and soupy gravy potato stuff.

(This fun fact has been brought to you by Nikki Babb. She is in no way affiliated with KFC or it’s wait staff or kitchen staff and is thrilled she is NOT part of such a… team. Enjoy your evening and be wary of KFC.)

Oct. 2nd, 2013

Just another thing I wrote

"Do you know what the hardest part about writing a story is, my dear friend? It has not a thing to do with the plot, the idea, the setting or even the story it's self. In my opinion, the hardest thing about writing a story is just writing it down on paper or typing it. In all reality writing things down isn't all that hard; it is really quite simple.

When it really comes down to it, when you are about to write it, you will come up with every excuse to not write it. Now, tell me, why would you not do one of the simplest things? You have done all of the hard things, but when the easy things come up, you just give up.

And in my opinion, if you cannot muster enough strength to write down a sentence or two, you must not be able to do much of anything. What is life if you cannot do anything? Something dreadful and very depressing, who would want that, too shameful to bear alone…,you should want your life to be a journey, no matter how terrible it may get."

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To Those I Love

We never notice
With those that are close
It's the ones we love
We hurt the most

Not a thing is more important
Then those we care for
When you look away
They wont be there anymore

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The Life of a Simpleton

Colors are simple
People are not
Gossip is nimble
Honesty frets at the thought

Who would know
I have nightmares in my sleep
When I fall
I sink in deep

(no subject)

So, Tell Me How You Feel

To be like snow
Pure and simple
Is to be like a dove
A gift from above

Snow is white
Lenses are cellophane
Can you feel my pain
Mr. I-know-everything


(no subject)

'I'm Sorry' Should be Like Duct Tape. It would Sell Faster.

As duty calls
Is that all
Will I ever again see your face
Or is this something I have to embrace

As your eyes fill with tears
My heart floods with fear
Fear becomes anger
And anger becomes pain

All is in vain
As he leaves official like in his car
My heart twists in pain
We took things too far

I understand what you must do
I will miss you
Please be safe
I will be waiting just in case

You decide to return home once this is over


A Letter to a Friend

Dear people who never gave up on me or forgot about me; this is to those who loved me and cared for me when no one else wanted to,

I love your belief in God.
Not because it matches mine.

But, because it makes you even more lovely to me.
To see your shinning face causes me to smile no matter how I am feeling.
Yep, you're pretty amazing.

You are like a dream that I have always wanted but never got the chance to have.
Something so great and wonderful that I get confused about how we ever became friends.
Not that I would ever want it any other way.

(God loves to surprise me. Well, consider me surprised.
Unless you could find a better word for how I feel as of late.)

I want to wrap my prayers around you. That way you can understand how you have helped me change from the person I was. (Bringing me to God was one crazy feat. I'm sure you can remember those days.)

If you asked me to, I would dream all of your fears and nightmares away.

In faith, I will forever be your dream catcher and nightmare chaser

In your dreams, I will always wish away all of your worries and fears.

In love, I will have my prayers be a blanket for you, so that you will never feel alone again. I would hate for you to ever feel that way.
Some one so wonderful should never feel such a thing.

To get the chance of meeting you was the greatest gift God could have given me. I thank Him every night for getting the pleasure to meet you and even become your friend (even though I could never have before dreamed of meeting a person such as you).

Always remember, that no matter what happens in life, you have two people rooting for you (Jesus and I). There isn't much you could do to change that. And even then, I doubt it would change a thing.

Thank you ever so much coming into my life. 3

With love,

Nicolette Babb

P.S. Read this whenever you're down. I hope that it will bring a smile too your face.


I found a bunch of old poems and such and thought I might share them:)

Who Is He?

"I do most things out of love and others out of kindness. Both are interchangeable, but one is more from the heart than the other."

"And you're telling me this because...?"

"Because he might want you to know my intentions."

"Who is this 'he' you always talk about?"

"Hm, well... That's a tough question."

"Well, you talk about him enough. Surely you could say something about him."

"Okay. Here goes nothing ... Sometimes... I wonder if he was born on the day the first world war began. On other days, he has been here longer than the tides of the oceans. Swaying back and forth easily with no end before changing into a rushing, furious storm, he is very unpredictable. Kind of like the changing of soft, sunny breeze, into a raging storm.
His voice is so unfathomable that it can only be described as unearthly. But his words, each and everyone, holds so much meaning and so much truth, that the depths of his voice could only come from wisdom itself. The emotion each word holds is so astonishing that it takes away my breath just to hear him speak. It is the only voice that has made me smile since I was little.
His eyes are so old, so ancient, that his soul shows through like silk kept among the moths. Still beautiful.. Still wonderful..."

"That's all well and good, but who IS he? This man that you always talk about? How can you talk about him like you love him? Who IS HE? Why do you like him so much?"

"Well, it's like the earth an how it revolves around the sun. So simple, so smooth, so elegant...We can't even feel it, and the earth is rotating right now."

"Okay... Bu-"

"Remember when you were a kid? When they first told you that the earth was moving, let alone spinning! And you couldn't quite comprehend it, because no matter where you looked, everything was standing so still. Everything should be flying all over the place! Nothing should be still, at all."

"Yeah, and your poin-"

"He feels it. You know? Every little move of the earth, the planets, the flickering fire as flares shoot from the stars above, he can feel it. He can see it. This planet alone is hurtling sixty-seven thousand miles an hour through space, and he can feel it! Every movement. Every breath of every living thing. Every-"

"Yeah, yeah, I get it."

"But do you really? Seriously? We are all clinging to the earth by the skin of our teeth... And if we let go... Think of him as the earth; we cling to him. And, if we let go... That's who he is."

"I still don't know! Why can't you just tell me! You know I hate riddles!"

"Have you ever felt alone?"

"Yeah, who hasn't?"

"And, then for a moment, it just seems to go away."

"Yeah, every now and then. What does this have to do with anything?"

"One who is full loathes the honey from the comb, but to the hungry, even what is bitter tastes sweet."


"Sarcastic remarks are rude."

"So is speaking only in riddles!"

"Until next time..."

"Hey! Dang it! She left... Who is this guy that she always talks about..."

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